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This module finished the sound I was searching for in the patch when I least expected it. It was one of those magic moments I’ll never forget, so I think it is appropriate to write and tell you. I appreciate your passion for making the tools other musicians need. You have no idea what an impact you provide and all I can say is thanks.


You guys set the bar impossibly high. You consistently have top notch quality in look and build. You continually offer modules that push the boundaries of what is available and most importantly you allow discussion on your designs among the very people that will use and love them...


...spectacular quality and amazing functionality...

eBay user

5U Module Manufacturer of the Year - 2012!

Muff Wiggler's Forum Members

Enjoying your modules...

Martin Gore - Depeche Mode

...Many thanks to you for the magic SampleCorder. I am deeply touched that you have dedicated it to me.

Jean-Jacques Perrey

...it looks amazing!!! Beautiful job!!!!


I just got the Segwencer and I gotta say I already love it.

doofa beena

...I have never seen any manufacturer more connected to their user community...


In a word, fantastic! While filters and oscillators are sexy and all, what really gets me is well designed "utility" modules (because in my patching experience it's all about the CV, the scaffolding of a good patch), and these guys absolutely nail it.


…….like having a new Tonka truck cooler than all the others in the sandbox….. I’ve gone from “I’ll order this, hoping I can figure it out enough to make use of it” to “Holy Crap! This thing is amazing”!


This one is a great oscillator with a huge spectrum of sound. And i love the PWM and the range of coarse. I could need more of these.


I really like the two [1200 VCO's] I received previously. They play well with my DotCom system and sound great!


I'm proud to see one of my modules integrate into the Moog Universe. I wish you the best in this new addition to the MU catalog !

Serge Tcherepnin