Radio Music Firmware

What is “firmware”?  Firmware is the program that runs on the little Teensy computer chip that drives your Radio Music module.  Think of firmware as the “personality” of the module.

Here is some alternate firmware that you can install.  It’s not that hard, so let’s try it:

How to install new firmware

Q: Could it “brick” my module?
A: It is highly unlikely.  While the process has a little “learning curve”, it is highly unlikely that you can damage your module.  We are here to help you with any questions or concerns.  No worries!

What you’ll need to install alternate firmware:
1 – USB cable with 5 pin Micro-B Plug

Its easy to make the Radio Music module do a whole bunch of other stuff.  You will just need to follow the instructions below

1 – Download the HEX file that contains the new firmware you want to install

2 – Download the “Loader” program (this takes you to the PJRC Teensy website):   Teensy Loaders (MAC, Windows, Linux)

3 – Install the Loader program on your operating system.  Hopefully you know how to install an application file.

4 – Run the Teensy Loader that you just downloaded.

5 – In the little Teensy Loader window, select File > Open HEX File. Now browse to the HEX file you saved previously and click to open it.  The name of the HEX file will appear at the bottom of the Loader window.